Our Mission:

We create machines that help those who work: our machines reduce fatigue, work-related illnesses and risks of accidents at work; we create solutions that increase productivity.

Our Vision:

We strive to be the best company in the sector for CREATIVITY, QUALITY and CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Our History and Evolution:

FAMATEC was founded in 1988 by Fabrizio Zambelli with the aim to design and produce mechanical constructions and metal structures

Thanks to the Founder’s spirit of dynamism and innovation combined with the competency and know-how gained over the years, the company has managed to create innovative product handling systems and industrial manipulators with unique performance, functionality, efficiency and design

FAMATEC stretches over and area of about 5,000 m2, including a 2,000 m2 covered production area and a 1,200 m2 area for offices and internal services.


Human Resources:

Human resources are our main asset. We strive to create a stimulating working environment where people can express their intellectual and productive potential.

Excellence products are created by dynamic organizations where human resources are involved, interact constructively and grow both professionally and personally.



FAMATEC uses advanced 3D design technologies to create graphical working, stress and stress resistance simulations. All documents and processes are managed through information technology.

FAMATEC relies on the cooperation of several companies for the design and production of components.

All machines are designed according to the principles of flexibility and adjustability and produced using mainly commercial components that, in the course of the years, can easily be adapted to the Client’s new products


Quality and certifications:

The quality and reliability of FAMATEC solutions are guaranteed by an accurate process management, which in turn is ensured by our efficient organization. Our companycert_qualità has been certified since 1999 and complies with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.

All solutions produced by FAMATEC are marked with the CE marking to show that they comply with the relevant European regulations. We often provide solutions for particular environments with specific regulations, such as ATEX and ISO clean rooms.

In terms of safety and ergonomics, FAMATEC designs solutions that strictly comply with the strategies provided for by the Harmonized European Standards currently in force, which regulate the current “State of the art and technology” through the principle of presumption of regularity

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