The ergonomics console is user-friendly thanks to the harmonious shape, intuitive and ease of use. The design takes into consideration the operative ergonomics as well as the need of avoiding the interferences with the operator and/or the products in the handling phase.

The functioning and control buttons have limited contact force, in an intuitive position and easy to activate.


The following options meet the different need in ergonomics:


Sliding manual console with pneumatic lock.

The operator can set the most suitable height of the console according to their physical features and to the gripping and release heights of the products.


Console with synchronized tilting.

With inclination movement of the product, it keeps the operator away from the product according to the inclination position, avoiding possibly dangerous interference. A mechanical joint links the console to the inclination unit and determines the position.


Sliding pneumatic console.

The operator controls the vertical position according to his operative needs. It is used for reaching a higher operative comfort and/or for working at elevated heights.  This optional feature also enables the operator to keep away from the product, avoiding possible interferences between them.


Conventional handle.

The standard console consists of robust controls which are protected by a steel housing and positioned at different heights according to the ergonomic needs.