the company

We produce efficiency and results

Famatec machines are designed to eliminate operators’ efforts and increase quality and profitability: they reduce physical fatigue, occupational diseases (musculoskeletal disorders or MSDs) and increase safety at work. Producing safely also means producing results.

Beyond ourselves, ourselves.

Unique for innovation, design, research of customized solutions, quality improvement, customer service, experience and commitment to development. Our benchmark is ourselves: in order to be the best company in the sector, we never stop improving ourselves.

Evolution of a story.

FAMATEC was founded in 1988 by Fabrizio Zambelli as a design and manufacturing company for mechanical constructions and metal structures.

The innovative footprint and know-how acquired over the years, have allowed us to develop load handling systems and industrial manipulators tailored, UNIQUE for performance, functionality, efficiency and design.

The FAMATEC headquarters occupies an area of about 5000 square meters, including production, offices and internal services. Located in Val di Non (Trentino), it is surrounded by the apple orchards of the best-known producer.

People, the first resource.

We believe that excellence cannot be produced without putting people first. In addition to creating industrial manipulators that focus on the operator’s well-being, FAMATEC pays great attention to human resources, encouraging each individual to express their potential and stimulating constructive interaction. Personal and professional growth gives value to our production and company growth.

Made in Famatec.

We design our machines using the most advanced 3D technologies, with graphic simulations of operation, stress and fatigue strength. The documentation and processes are completely managed digitally. For the design production of some components we make use of external collaborations. All our equipment is designed according to the principles of flexibility and regularity, in order to offer an excellent user experience in compliance with regulations.

Quality, safety, ergonomics: in a workmanlike manner.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 – update certification in progress

The careful management of processes, the result of an effective organization, leads to reliable and quality solutions. The compliance with European Directives, also for applications in particular environments subject to specific regulations such as ATEX, ISO cleanrooms is confirmed by the presence of the CE mark on each of our products.  FAMATEC designs safe and ergonomic solutions strictly following the Harmonized Standards that dictate the strategies on “State of the art and technology”, according to the principle of presumption of conformity.