FAMATEC solutions reduce work accidents due to the handling of products during the manufacturing stage.

The operator is able to handle heavy, unwieldy and dangerous products with little effort as well as with precise and accurate control.

The risk of work-related injuries due to physical effort and of accidents will be reduced.
Numerous solutions guarantee safety in different critical situations:

  • Incorrect gripping of the product: manipulator will remain inactive
  • When the safety conditions of the gripping system do not fulfill the settings of the minimum values and/or the gripping sensors are not properly functioning.
  • Crushing hazard of fingers during gripping or releasing the product; both hands are needed to activate any controls.
  • The console is provided with two separated control buttons, which the operator has to push at the same time.
  • Drift movement of the arm in the resting position: the manipulator is equipped with parking brakes.
  • Disk brakes, or self-centering caliper brakes, are located on the rotary axis of the column, on the intermediate arm, and on the rotary axis of the gripping system. These are activated even if the supply air is missing and they can be set from the console.
  • Sudden lack of compressed air or insufficient pressure: the product will be automatically and slowly lowered until a safer position is reached before being released.
  • In order to reduce the effects of sudden air loss, the machine is provided with:
  • A certified tank that guarantees a regular air flow, and in case of irregular supply, allowing the operator to finish the operation cycle.
  • Non return valve above the tank
  • FAMATEC security valve that avoids sudden quick movements of the arm both upward and downward.
  • Project of the pneumatic system in order to segment the effects of a sudden drop of the pressure, last step is the releasing of the product.
  • Wrong release command while handling: the product will be automatically and slowly lowered till a safer position.
  • The pneumatic logic controls detects the wrong purpose of the operator and controls the lowering to a moderate speed before releasing the product. The console is provided with two release buttons to avoid casual activations by the operator.


FAMATEC solutions improve the ease of operation, regardless of the physical potential, gender or age of the operator. They improve productivity by eliminating fatigue over the entire working day, while improving the production process, and reducing the chance of damage to the product or the production equipment while handling


Our solutions are customized to the working environment, use, operative needs and products to handle.

The modularity of Famatec balancing arms, gripping systems and  application systems, provide customized solutions in a very broad range of configurations. Therefore we can guarantee tested technological products that meet exactly the required specifications.

The gripping systems are designed to be easily adjustable or changeable to adapt to future needs due to the addition of new products to handle, or to modify the production process

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By giving particular attention to details, Famatec brings technology, strength, efficiency and quality to meet every performance.

The features of new products (design by Gazzini) are arms with highly torsional stiffness and at the same time reduced inertia of movement. Our products reach a maximum load of 400kg with 6 meters of operating radius, or up to 800kg with 4 meters of operating radius.
The arms are assembled using laser cut plate profiles that will be shaped and slotted in.
In this manner we can ensure precision in the assembly phase, section and shape adequate to the exerted stress and maximum weight-resistance optimization.


The ergonomics console is user-friendly thanks to the harmonious shape, intuitive and ease of use. The design takes into consideration the operative ergonomics as well as the need of avoiding the interferences with the operator and/or the products in the handling phase.
The functioning and control buttons have limited contact force, in an intuitive position and easy to activate.

The following options meet the different need in ergonomics:


Sliding manual console with pneumatic lock.

The operator can set the most suitable height of the console according to their physical features and to the gripping and release heights of the products.


Console with synchronized tilting.

With inclination movement of the product, it keeps the operator away from the product according to the inclination position, avoiding possibly dangerous interference. A mechanical joint links the console to the inclination unit and determines the position.


Sliding pneumatic console.

The operator controls the vertical position according to his operative needs. It is used for reaching a higher operative comfort and/or for working at elevated heights.  This optional feature also enables the operator to keep away from the product, avoiding possible interferences between them.


Conventional handle.

The standard console consists of robust controls which are protected by a steel housing and positioned at different heights according to the ergonomic needs.


FAMATEC solutions answer to the needs of the Lean Manufacturing philosophy.
Using a FAMATEC manipulator allows for a more efficient use of human resources, an increased productivity and it plays a key role in the implementation of the Lean Production philosophy – which allows manufacturing companies to improve production and optimize processes.
Some of the benefits are:

  • Drastic strain reduction for operators
  • More efficiency, reduction of production times
  • Optimization of product flows and reduction of movements
  • More rational use of the workplace